Agarwood Mala 108 Beads 6mm Non-Sinking



Buy Agarwood Mala 108 Beads 6mm Non-Sinking

Agarwood Mala 108 Beads 6mm Non-Sinking from Wild Natural, has a lifespan of about 30 – 50 years, and has a great fragrance. The fragrance is very pleasant and strong when you are healthy. Scent is like energy, the more energy you have, the more fragrant it will be.

Class: Wild, Aquilaria Crassna
Type: Non-Sinking Underwater

When not in use, you can store your bracelet in a zip lock bag or wood case with a moisture absorber. Normal hand washing and sweating is fine. However, I do not recommend swimming with this treasure on your wrist.


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