Oud Oil | Oudh Oil | Agarwood Oil | Grade A | 1ML


  • Material: High quality of raw agarwood oud material from Vietnam forest.
  • Scent profile: leather, chocolate notes and mellow with deep and complex forestry feel to it.
  • User: Unisex.


Buy Oud Oil | Oudh Oil | Agarwood Oil | Grade A | 1ML

First of all, we collected this Pure Oud Essential Oil by the steam distilled method. Then to make the best quality of oud perfume, we soaked the oud wood chips in the water with some natural ingredients for 5-8 months before extract oud perfume oil. We assure that we use material from 100% natural wild oud wood agarwood chips in Vietnam forest with premium scent. Because of if using the fresh oud wood chips material, the aroma of oud oil has not sweet and comfort smell. As a result after a long time process, It’s the gentle and delicate aroma.

Oud Oil | Oudh Oil | Agarwood Oil | Premium Quality | 100% Natural Undiluted Fragrance Essential Oil | Long Lasting Aroma Oil | Grade A+| 1ML
Oud Oil | Oudh Oil | Agarwood Oil | Premium Quality | 100% Natural Undiluted Fragrance Essential Oil | Long Lasting Aroma Oil | Grade A+| 1ML

This Oud Agarwood Essential Perfume Oil has sweet, warm and deep exotic aromatic. As you inhale, enjoy the bitter-sweet, rich, deep of what is known as the “Wood of Gods”. You can use the oud perfume oil for meditation, natural perfumery base note, scenting clothing and fabric… Everyone use agarwood essential oil to blends with almost thing by dop-by-drop technique.

The oud perfume oil is also known as agarwood essential oil or pure oud essential oil which is highly esteemed for its unrivaled aroma. The botanical name of Oud Agarwood Essential Perfume Oil is Aquilaria Malaccensis. They are extracted from resin wood parts of agarwood trees that using steam distillation method.

Benefits of oud perfume oil:

There are many benefits of agarwood oil as promotes sleep, repair skin, soothes joint pain, relieves allergies, aids digestion, increase sex drive, fights cancel, soother skin irritation, treats acne…

Packing: Agarwood Oil available in 4 packing options (1ml, 3ml, 6ml, 10ml) which is packed in Glass Bottle.

Most noteworthy, nowadays it’s not easy to find real pure oud oil on the market.

Everyone easy to find many products names as: “oud oil”, “agarwood oil”, “pure oud essential oil”, “oud perfume”… on the online market at a low oud oil price. But because most of you have never ever tried and experienced with real agarwood aroma. So at the first time when your exposure with these low quality, impure agarwood oil products, you are misinformed about what is really pure oud oil. The real agarwood essential oil has a gentle and delicate aroma. It’s a comfort and a sweet smell, especial from Vietnam oud wood material.

Agarwood (Oud) Essential Oil (Aquilaria Malaccensis) | Premium Quality Aloeswood Oud Oil | 100% Natural Undiluted Frangrance Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil For Aromatherapy | Long Lasting Aroma Oil | Grade A++
Pure Oud Oil | Agarwood Essential Oil

The superior grade oud wood chips price for making high-end pure agarwood oil is from $5000 to $15000 per kilogram. Some special agarwood chips material as soil agarwood chips is even higher. Supply quantity is reduced day by day, especial wild oud wood chips. As a result, pure agarwood essential oil can not cheap as $3 – $5 per milliliter. Otherwise, the making agarwood essential oil process also takes a long time and limited quantity. So that why you are not easy to buy real pure oud essential oil.

Now, what makes the best quality of oud oil?

Firstly, the quality of raw oud wood agarwood material makes the quality of pure oud oil.

It’s easy to understand that the best quality of oud wood chips can make the best quality of agarwood essential oil. But how is the best quality of raw oud wood material? Best oud wood material for making agarwood oil need a high density of resin inside and from wild agarwood trees, not cultivated agarwood. They are often decades-old trees from the forest in Southeast Asia. The trees from Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao tropical forest have good sweet smell than from other areas. The old dead trees that lay underground long time have better smell than fresh trees.

best quality oud wood agarwood chips makes best pure oud oil
Best quality oud wood agarwood chips make best pure oud oil

Secondly, the sophisticated, modern tool and right method are also the main factors determining the quality of pure oud oil.

There are some methods to extract agarwood essential oil. The steam distilled is the main method to get agarwood oil. Certainly, the handling of raw material is also an important factor. Normally at Oudwoodvietnam.com, we need 5 to 8 months to soak the agarwood material in water with some secret natural ingredients. We have to remove all dirt, soil… on the new oud wood chips material. We can assure that we only accept the superior oud wood agarwood quality. Therefore, it limited the quantity of pure agarwood oud oil.


Handling oud wood chips material for a long time before extract agarwood oil.


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