Viet Nam Natural Sinking Agarwood Necklake Pendant 3


Natural agarwood from Quang Nam province – Viet Nam. Very sweet and fragrant aroma typical agarwood, you can smell the aroma directly if your nose close to the Bracelet. Very rare and valuable. Fragrant with a lot of bubbling resin when burned. Gaharu (agarwood) Aquilaria Commonly found on the Viet Nam where have the best agarwood in the world. Original infection is not man-made natural fragrance. Guarantee : We guarantee the items we sell are as described. If the goods are not in accordance with the image you can return it within three business days in original condition for a full refund excluding shipping costs.


Viet Nam Natural Sinking Agarwood Necklake Pendant 3

  • Eternal Fragrance.
  • Elegance Natural Style.
  • Fashion Matching Clothes Accessories.
  • Sinking Agarwood
  • Viet Nam Natural Agarwood
    AGE GROUP adult
    COLOR Black
    GENDER Unisex
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