White Kynam Bracelets 18mm Beads Sinking



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The White Kynam Bracelets 18mm (1.8cm) Beads are made from 100% Kynam, exploited in Nha Trang, Vietnam. It has been exploited many years ago, creating a Kynam bracelet will cost a lot of money.
So the price of a White Kynam Bracelets is very high, and not everyone can afford to buy it, even to hold it in hand. You have to be truly charming with Kynam to be able to see and touch it.
Its aroma is indescribable, different from agarwood, its aroma is sweet like honey, just smelling it once will remember a lifetime.

You cannot easily buy it anywhere, because there are so many fakes, we Linh Agarwood confident that our products are 100% White Kynam Bracelets.

Region: Nha Trang, Vietnam
Class: Wild
Type: Sinking Underwater

Kyara/Kynam/Kinam is a tiny subset within aloeswoods in a very very small percentage. In a historical context, it refers to a special type/grade of aloeswood with unique and excellent fragrance properties. The Chinese have a saying that one needs an accumulation of 3 lifetimes of virtues before one would have the chance of encountering real kynam, and 8 lifetimes of merit to have the chance to use and appreciate kynam. Such a saying could only suggest the rarity and precious nature of kynam.


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