White Kynam Powder 1 Grams Sinking Underwater



White Kynam Powder 1 Grams Sinking Underwater

Powder of White Kynam can be eaten or used to drink tea. Very healthy, with a great fragrance. You cannot easily buy it anywhere, because there are so many fakes, we Agarwood Spot confident that our products are 100% real and Wild White Kynam

Region: Nha Trang, Vietnam
Class: Wild
Type: Sinking Underwater

Kyara/Kynam/Kinam is a tiny subset within aloeswoods in a very very small percentage. In a historical context, it refers to a special type/grade of aloeswood with unique and excellent fragrance properties. The Chinese have a saying that one needs an accumulation of 3 lifetimes of virtues before one would have the chance of encountering real kynam, and 8 lifetimes of merit to have the chance to use and appreciate kynam. Such a saying could only suggest the rarity and precious nature of kynam.


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